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Where to see almond blossom in Andalucia

There is nothing quite as special as seeing the magic that unfolds in Andalucia when the almond trees are in blossom. Drive through the beautiful countryside and see the landscape dotted in willowy trees adorned in pretty pink and white flowers, or even better walk among the almond groves and let the winter breeze blow past and ignite your senses with the sweet scent of almond blossom. If you happen to be in Andalucia in the winter months this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Spain is the world’s second largest producer of almonds and the almond orchards are located primarily in the regions of Andalucia and Valencia.

Prettry pink almond blossom
Almond blossom in Andalucia, almond flowers
Almond blossom near Casabermeja

When to see almond blossom

Almond trees blossom in winter rather than spring, from late January through to February. The blossom can also be seen as late as Easter, dependent on the region and the weather conditions that particular year. More on this later.

How to see almond blossom

You will need to hire a car, as this is the best way to see the almond blossom, without a car a lot of the locations and routes mentioned above will be inaccessible. However, even without a car, if you are in Andalucia at the right time, you will most likely see the odd almond tree in blossom here and there just as you wander through villages, parks, and gardens. The Botanical Garden in Malaga is a good option to see the blossom if you don’t have a car.

On all of the routes listed below you will see almond blossom, provided you are there at the right time of year. These routes will take you through all kinds of roads, past fields, craggy mountains, winding country tracks etc, but on many of these roads you won’t be able to stop the car to get out and perhaps take pictures or get up close, and you may even find the entrance to some of these orchards are gated or fenced off when you do get close. So, when you are driving, ideally you want someone with you to keep a lookout and guide you to a particular orchard or group of trees. I stopped off at a layby on the main road where I could see a small field of almond trees in blossom in the distance. I then tried to figure out how to get to it, it involved driving down a steep dirt track and taking a short walk from there. Finding a spot to park and then walking to some blossom trees you may have spotted is also an option.

almond blossom in almond groves almond orchard in andalucia
Walk through almond groves and take in the sweet scent

Where to see almond blossom

There are numerous almond orchards in the areas surrounding Malaga. They are located more inland rather than in the coastal areas. Below are a few different routes you can take to the areas surrounding Malaga to see the almond blossom.

  1. Drive from Villanueva de la Conception via Casabermeja (MA-3404) to Colmenar (A-356). This is one of the routes that I took after a visit to the El Torcal National Park (which is located very close to Villanueva de la Conception, do try and take a detour here as the karst landscape is truly other-wordly). This route will take you through some small roads and villages where there are so many almond trees dotted around as well as clusters of trees clinging to craggy mountains. The only slight challenge was trying to find somewhere to park and wander through the almond groves. But it was possible and totally worth it.

  2. La Axarquia region- in and around the villages of Sedella, Archez, El Borge and Camares located to the east of Malaga. The blossom here tends to bloom a little later than the other areas mentioned, so if you are in Andalucia in March/April, this area might be your best option to catch some of the last almond blossom.

  3. Village of Guaro, located 22km from Marbella, so a good option if you are staying near the Marbella area as opposed to Malaga. The village of Guarao also hosts an almond festival in (usually) the first weekend of February. As part of the festival you can take a guided tour to some of the almond groves in Guaro. Though of course, you can visit even when the festival is not on and see the almond blossom.

  4. Valle del Guadalhorce- around the villages of Alora, Almogia and Cartama, located to the north/ east of Malaga.

  5. If you are in the Granada province, then the Las Alpujarras region is another good option to see swathes of almond trees covered in blossom.

  6. If you are near Cadiz, then head to the Sierra de la Grazalema.

The difference between pink and white almond blossom

You’ll notice the almond blossom comes in pink and white colours. The white blossom produce sweet almonds and the pink blossom produce a more bitter variety which apparently contain cyanide and this has to be extracted prior to consumption. Once this is extracted the oil of the bitter almonds can be used for food flavouring and liquers.

The Almond Festival

The small town of Guaro holds a ‘Dia de Almendro’ or an almond festival that coincides with the blossoming of the almond trees and is usually held on the first weekend in February. The festival is all about the almond tree, it’s flower and it’s fruit. So you can expect to see an almond exhibition, experience the local cuisine including the traditional almond soup of this region and pick up local handicrafts. There are also guided hikes and cycle rides (book in advance) to participate in that will take you through the almond groves as well as a photography contest where you can submit your almond tree photographs.

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